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Oud Bakhoor Collection Set + Oud Faten Attar Oil | Value Pack

Save Big with 120 pieces of Oud Bakhoor & 6ml arabic perfume oil

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Elevate your ambiance with Dukhni's Oud Bakhoor collection set. Gift luxurious perfume oils perfect for prayer time and special occasions

CONTENTS: The Oud Bakhoor Collection set includes 120pc bakhoor- 12 assorted Oud Bakhoor boxes, Oud Ya Aini, Oud Al Ibtisam, Oud Al Khaleeji, Oud Al Raghbah, Oud Al Teeb, Oud Al Awatef, Oud Al Qamar, Oud Al Madhmoon, Oud Al Mukhtar, Dukhni Sandal, Oud Al Saher & Oud Al Habayeb. Each box has 9 pieces of bakhoor + 1 sample of a new scent and 1 x 6ml bottle of Oud Faten Attar Oil

OUD BAKHOOR COLLECTION SET: is carefully curated to include a wide assortment of fragrances from sweet and floral to rich, deep and woody scents. A gift of discovery, our variety box is a great way for you to experience the range of Dukhni Bakhoor. 

FATEN ATTAR OIL: harmoniously combines both traditional arabic notes and modern aquatic elements to create an enchanting symphony. This captivating blend of neroli, jasmine, geranium and sandalwood settles and the lingering oud and musk add an intriguing twist

HERITAGE: Dukhni has specialized in the art of developing fragrances and incense since 1907. Our journey began in Aden, which formed part of the historic Incense Route. In our quest to be able to translate memories and emotions into experiences, we take great care in creating exceptional products that are compellingly precious yet personal


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Oud Bakhoor Collection Set + Oud Faten Attar Oil | Value Pack

£65.68 Regular price £72.98

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