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Dukhni Mixed Attar Oil Set | العربي العطار

6 unique Arabic roll on perfume oils

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Elevate and enhance any occasion with Dukhni Attars. Our carefully curated attars are unisex and are made of high quality Arabic perfume oils.

Scent profile:

OPEN SKY عطرالحريه- This unique masculine woody aromatic blend is an absolute favorite! It combines lavender, amalfi lemon & bergamot with thyme & sage. An aromatic & earthy base of vetiver & patchouli complements & enhances this scent

ATTAR FUL عطر فل- A beautiful, fresh, clean jasmine based fragrance for women. Jasmine is delicately blended with a bouquet of white flowers, orange blossom, ylang-ylang & peach to transport you to a calm & serene space

SKYDIVE عطر السماء الازرق- A delicate & soft aromatic combination of white flowers, rose, lily of the valley & jasmine. With clean notes of vanilla, musk & sandalwood, this scent uplifts & energizes both men & women

SHAHI DARBAR عطر سيف الاسلام- A fresh, woody & earthy scent that blends exotic spices & flowers. With floral & oriental notes this unisex aroma is intoxicating & hard to miss

OUD AL QAMAR عود القمر عطر- A unisex, floral blend of tiger lily, lavender, orchid, tuberose. Sensual notes of sandalwood & oud give a warm & deeply alluring scent

OUD AL RAGHBAH عطر عود الرغبه- A cool, fresh blend of wild flowers, rosewood, vetiver, kewra. The soft refreshing base of nutmeg, musk & oud energizes men & women

What's included 6 Bottles of Pure Oil Blends x 6ml (0.2fl Oz) each.

What makes Dukhni attars special? Dukhni Attar Oils are all rigorously tested for the highest quality standards and blended by artisanal perfumers who have a deep understanding of pure oils. Very long lasting with a great propensity for short distance diffusion, Dukhni's Artisanal Perfume Oils have a longevity of upto 13-14 hours on your clothes. Alcohol Free, Vegan & Pure - Dukhni attars are free from any nasty chemicals.

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Dukhni Mixed Attar Oil Set | العربي العطار

£20.79 Regular price £25.99
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Can I buy one individual attar bottle? 

We do have a range of Premium Attars that we sell as one single bottle. The attars in the sets cannot be purchased individually. 

Which attar oils are for men and which ones are for women? 

All our attars are unisex and can be used by both men and women. 

Can I choose 6 attars of my choice in the set? 

All our attar sets are pre-curated and it is not possible to change the combinations in the set. 

Can I use these attars during prayer? 

All Dukhni Attars are free from alcohol which makes them perfect to use before prayer or for any religious purposes. These attar perfume oils are for personal use and can also be used on your prayer mat or clothes. Please make sure you apply the oils on your hand and then apply it on any fabric to avoid the staining of any fabric. 

What makes this the best choice?

Distinctive fragrance

Attars enriched with oud and botanical ingredients create a long lasting scent that evolves beautifully over time.

Soothing & Calming

Arabic attars promote well being and relaxation, evoking tranquility and leaving you calm, centered and spiritually uplifted.

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