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Region: United Kingdom
Dukhni Mixed Attar Oil Set - 6 Bottles x 6 ml | العطار العربي
Dukhni Mixed Attar Oil Set - 6 Bottles x 6 ml | العطار العربي
Dukhni Mixed Attar Oil Set - 6 Bottles x 6 ml | العطار العربي
Dukhni Mixed Attar Oil Set - 6 Bottles x 6 ml | العطار العربي

Dukhni Mixed Attar Oil Set - 6 Bottles x 6 ml | العطار العربي

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CONTENTS: 6 Bottles x 6ml Attar Oils- Open Sky, Attar Ful, SkyDive, Shahi Darbar, Oud Al Qamar, Oud Al Raghbah (0.2 fl Oz each)

OPEN SKY عطرالحريه- This unique masculine woody aromatic blend is an absolute favorite! It combines lavender, amalfi lemon & bergamot with thyme & sage. An aromatic & earthy base of vetiver &  patchouli complements & enhances this scent

ATTAR FUL عطر فل- A beautiful, fresh, clean jasmine based fragrance for women. Jasmine is delicately blended with a bouquet of white flowers, orange blossom, ylang-ylang & peach to transport you to a calm & serene space

SKYDIVE عطر السماء الازرق- A delicate & soft aromatic combination of white flowers, rose, lily of the valley & jasmine. With clean notes of vanilla, musk & sandalwood, this scent uplifts & energizes both men & women

SHAHI DARBAR عطر سيف الاسلام- A fresh, woody & earthy scent that blends exotic spices & flowers. With floral & oriental notes this unisex aroma is intoxicating & hard to miss

OUD AL QAMAR عود القمر عطر- A unisex, floral blend of tiger lily, lavender, orchid, tuberose. Sensual notes of sandalwood & oud give a warm & deeply alluring scent

OUD AL RAGHBAH عطر عود الرغبه- A cool, fresh blend of wild flowers, rosewood, vetiver, kewra. The soft refreshing base of nutmeg, musk & oud energizes men & women


QUALITY ASSURANCE: Dukhni Attar Oils are rigorously tested for the highest quality standards and blended by artisanal perfumers who have a deep understanding of pure oils. Our Pure Perfume Oils have a longevity of upto 13-14 hours on your clothes and are alcohol free, vegan and free from any nasty chemicals.. We are a fair trade focused company so all of our supplies are obtained through fair business practices. We do not test any products on animals and we do not harm the environment in any way with our products, our manufacturing or our business

Experience the Aromatic Heritage of the Middle East! Dukhni's Artisanal Oils are produced by a family owned company with a lineage in incense & perfumery making dating back to the 1900s and extending over 5 generations. We have specialized in the art of blending fragrances and incense since 1907. In our quest to be able to translate memories and emotions into experiences, we take great care in creating exceptional products that are compellingly precious yet personal

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A Sustainability Promise


For external use only. Do not inhale smoke or fumes directly. Please handle with care, and do not leave a candle flame unattended. Do ensure that candle flame is not touching copper plate and there is no soot formation to prevent any form of twax combustion or fire. Do not move when candle is lit as wax is hot and spillage can cause combustion. Burner gets hot while using with charcoal or candle and remains hot for sometime after use- do not touch