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Region: United Kingdom

What does Oud smell like?

The ‘wood of the Gods’, oud is an olfactive experience like no other! It is regarded as transcendental to a higher self, thus its use in religious ceremonies and during prayer. So, what does the quintessential fragrance of the Middle East really smell like? Well, the short answer is that the resinous OUD is an experience for you to discover.

Let us attempt describing it for those who are curious but haven’t tried it yet. It can be described as almost animalic and woody for the most part, resulting from the deep exotic forests of Southeast Asia. The climatic conditions, which region, the soil, time of the year, etc bring about variations. It even has entangled some sweet, spicy and leathery notes. However, a rich or high-quality oud is absolutely individualistic smelling and depends on your body chemistry with the liquid-gold attar!

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