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The Middle East Through Bakhoor

Fragrances are valued and celebrated devoutly in the Arabic culture. From burning bakhoor at homes, markets and religious places, it is an odyssey of the deep-rooted culture of the Middle East that still prevails and fascinates perfume lovers all around the world!

So, what is bakhoor and why are people drawn towards it?

Burning bakhoor is burning arabic incense! Bakhoor is incense, often infused with Oud,  that can be formed into slabs, powders, cubes and shavings that are infused with perfume oils. At Dukhni, bakhoor is made with a traditional recipe using sustainably sourced ingredients that are combined for a cosmic aromatic experience. Oud bakhoor is very popular and used regularly. Bakhoor in particular and fragrance in general was also loved by the Prophet and used in mosques before prayer. It’s the lush scent that will remind you of your travels to the Middle East.

So, how do you use Oud bakhoor?

There are both traditional and modern ways of burning bakhoor. Traditionally, you would burn a charcoal disc and place the bakhoor cube or chips once the coal is ablaze. Make sure you don’t light the bakhoor chips directly since it’s non-flammable.  About 20 minutes over the coal is enough to aromatize the surroundings, after this time if you continue to burn the bakhoor you will get a burning smell not fragrance. Alternatively, you can use electric burners which are straightforward but don’t give the best aromatic experience because of the inconsistent heat temperature. The Dukhni exotic burner, allows you to burn bakhoor with a t-candle and it does not emit smoke which can be harmful, especially if you intend to burn bakhoor regularly.

You can enjoy Oud bakhoor while you sit down to read a book, enjoy a cup of coffee, after you clean your home, while you are studying or praying or meditating or before friends arrive for a party. Its also makes a great house warming gift. 

No matter the method or the fragrance you choose, oud bakhoor will transport you into the heart of Arabia and bring memories flooding back. It will take you back to the airports, hotels, malls, mosques and markets throughout the Middle East.

If you’re interested in trying our range of various exotic ingredients and carefully crafted bakhoors, you may explore the collections here Oud Bakhoor.