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Musk - A warm, living, subtle scent!

You would expect Musk to smell prominent and loud but quite the contrary its profound and elusive. Its like the scent of your skin, enhanced and amplified. 
Original animal musk comes from the glands of a Himalayan musk deer. It can be quite obnoxious in full concentration, but when diluted it is astonishingly long-lasting, it hovers and charms!
The scent of musk is symbolic in Islamic culture to virtues like high praise, wealth and true love. Musk based fragrances, bakhoor incense, attar oils and perfumes have an excellent staying power. 
Today musk in synthesized in a lab. Synthentic musks often combine a family of musky notes. Misk Rijali is a musky note that truly encompasses the elusive essence of musk. Also, misk rijali is a bold robust musky scent.  
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