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6 Ways to Make Your Perfume Last Longer

Ever felt that your perfume wears off fairly quickly? Do you feel that by the end of the day you aren’t smelling great? There is nothing worse than being put off by the body odor of someone.

Here are some tips, tricks and guidelines to make your perfume last all day long.

  1. Apply your perfume on your pulse points. The skin here is the thinnest so it brings the fragrance closest to your body heat and your body warmth helps diffuse the scent.
  1. Apply right after a shower. At this time your pores are open, your body temperature is high and your skin is clean and free from excess oil and sweat.
  1. Hydrate your skin. Hydrated and moisturized skin is going to hold your fragrance for longer.
  1. Layer your fragrance. Applying a scented body oil or body lotion helps layering the scent. You can even use 2 perfumes if you like but ensure that the scents are harmonious.
  1. Choose an attar over a spray. Attars are pure oils and thus, stronger and longer lasting. Attar is also more reactive to the heat of your natural body temperature. They usually come in small bottles making it fairly easy to carry for touch ups during the day.
  1. Check the base notes. The base note is what lingers for the longest time, after the top and middle notes have diffused. Usually woody notes make the most long lasting base notes.

Remember: Other people are not surrounded by your fragrance the way you are- so they can always smell it much stronger than you can!

Check out Dukhni’s range of attars. They are pure oils, carefully formulated with base notes that are made to linger. The attar scents range from oriental Arabic notes, to sweet, floral, fresh western notes of perfumes.